Pay When Happy Program

Who wants to try our online education platform for FREE?

Red Circle Global is offering a three-month free trial of our end-to-end school automation system, RCG-ETS. RCG can implement the RCG-ETS within 30 days with free training of school administrators, teachers and staff. If you are happy with our system, you can pay us after three months of using our system.

This is the right time to increase your enrollees and student base. Not all schools can perform online automation as soon as possible.

We are booking for demonstrations. Email us at

Our takeaway? We will get more paying clients by letting them try the system for free and see what it has to offer. We listen to the concerns of our clients. Some of them expressed that not all can afford to pay for automation systems worth Php1,000 to Php5,000 per student, monthly or Php10 million or more school automation platforms. We have been in the industry for three school years and by listening to our clients, we have improved our systems and services to suit our clients’ needs.

This is the right time to solve problems and win together!